Since its founding 26 years ago, World Trade Press has been a leading authority on the topics of international trade, international travel, and world cultures. The majority of our content (about 85 percent) is proprietary to World Trade Press. It is the result of collaboration between our in-house editorial staff and an international team of writers and topic experts, who are recruited based on their research skill and first-hand knowledge of a given topic. Where applicable, an attribution at the end of an article credits the writer or researcher. An attribution is considered impractical when many individuals contribute over time to the initial creation and subsequent updates of a single article. See below for profiles of our current in-house editorial staff and international writing team. A portion of our content (about 15 percent) comes from reliable public domain sources or is reproduced with permission from top-tier international organizations. Reproducing this material in the same products with our proprietary content serves our clients by uniting valuable information in one accessible location. The sources for this information are listed on each applicable page.