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Business Titles

Knowing how to refer to a person by their business title in a foreign language demonstrates respect for local customs and hierarchy, which can immediately establish a positive impression during business interactions. Using appropriate titles helps to build rapport and fosters a sense of professionalism and mutual understanding. This level of cultural sensitivity can lead to smoother negotiations, as it shows a willingness to adapt and engage with local norms. Additionally, correctly addressing individuals by their titles can create a more enjoyable and rewarding business experience, as it strengthens relationships and facilitates effective communication.

English Title and Description Equivalent Estonian Title
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) -or-
Chairman and Managing Director (UK)
Esimees ja tegevdirektor
Marketing Director Turundusdirektor
Sales Manager Müügijuht
Client Services Manager Klienditeeninduse juht
Personnel Director -or-
Human Resources Manager
Office Manager Büroojuht
Operations Manager Operatsioonide juht
Company Secretary Ettevõtte sekretär
Chief Accountant Pearaamatupidaja
Technical Director -or-
IT Director
Tehniline direktor;
Research and Development Manager Teadus ja arendusjuht
Production Director Tootmisdirektor
Factory Manager Tehase juhataja