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15 Essential Words and Phrases

Conducting business in a country with an unfamiliar language can be intimidating. However, doing so can provide untold opportunities for not just professional expansion but also personal growth. Knowing—and being able to comfortably use—15 or so key words and phrases in the relevant foreign language can significantly enhance business interactions by fostering a sense of cultural appreciation and understanding. This can lead to stronger rapport with clients and partners, ultimately increasing the likelihood of successful negotiations and business deals. Moreover, being able to engage in basic conversations in the local language can make the overall business experience more enjoyable and rewarding, creating memorable and meaningful connections with locals.

Word or Phrase in English Word or Phrase in Estonian Phonetic Pronunciation
Hello (daytime) Tere TEHR-reh
Hello (evening) Tere TEHR-reh
Hello (on the telephone) Halloo ha-lo
Goodbye Head aega HEH-ahd AH-eh-gah
Yes Jah YAHH
No Ei ay
Excuse me; I'm sorry Vabanda; Vabandust VAH-bahn-dah; VAH-bahn-doost
My name is _____ Minu nimi on MEE-noo NEE-mee ohn
What is your name? Mis teie nimi on?  Mis te je ni mi on?
Pleased to meet you Meeldiv tutvuda mayl-div tut-vu-da
How are you? Kuidas sul läheb? Kui-das sool la-heb?
Please Palun PAH-loon
Thank you Tänan TA-nahn
Do you speak English? Kas te räägite inglise keelt? kas te ra-ge-da ing-li-sa kelt?
I don't understand Ma ei saa aru ma ai sah a-ru