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Defense and Armed Forces

The functions, rights and responsibilities of Police and Border Guard Board are imposed by the Police and Border Guard Act and the institution’s statute. Seen in the broadest view, our organization’s main functions are related to preserving law and order, investigating and preventing crimes and misdemeanours, guarding the border, rescue at sea, determining the grounds and status for people staying in Estonia, and issuing identity documents

Name in the Local Language: Eesti Piirivalve

Parnu mnt 139
Tallinn 15060

Active Reserve Personnel: 5

Equipment: High and non-visibility stab vests used to prevent stab wounds and gunshots,Telescopic Baton,, Taser,Handcuffs,Communications System (Radio)Pistol Glock 19Pistol Walther P99, Rifle LMT R-20, PVL-101 Kindral Kurvits, PVL-103 Pikker, PVL-112 Valve

Conscription: No

Women Can Serve: No

Women In Combat: No

This armed force of does not have a college.